Pet - Bristol Channel pilot cutter

Pet is the pilot cutter we are currently building. Promising to be a beautiful little ship, she is taken from the lines of a lovely pilot cutter of yesteryear.

In the 1960s Dennis Williams, a Pill shipwright, was instructed to cut up the well-known Bristol Channel pilot cutter, Pet, which had been built at Rowles yard in 1905. Fortunately Dennis had the foresight to take the lines of the vessel before she was destroyed.

Dennis, with his son David Williams a boat surveyor, later offered the scantlings and offsets to Dave Cockwell so that a replica could be built and the character of this incredible pilot cutter would live on.

We are very excited that this replica is now underway at Cockwells. The lofting has been completed and, with the information gathered by the Williams family, her 45ft one-piece opepe keel and the stem have been rebated. Most of the frames have also now been assembled.

We have recently been contacted by two separate descendants of Pet’s original owner and one of them kindly sent us some photos (displayed in the gallery here). We are very grateful for these as it helps to fill in missing details.

If anyone else has photos of this historic boat, we would love to see them.

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